Why You Should Have A Gas Stove in Your Kitchen?

These days, gas stove is a must in every kitchen. There are different gas stove brands and types of gas stoves available. So, it is not that simple to pick the best gas stove. When it comes to replace the old gas stove, there are certain things to keep in mind. But first’ let’s decide the benefits of having best glass top gas stove.

Benefits of Gas Stove

Time Saving

Traditional kerosene stove, chulha or old gas stoves take a lot of time to get proper heat to cook food. But modern gas stoves have been efficient enough. They can transfer gas from the cylinder quickly and getting proper heat is quick. Old models lack in number of burners. These days, gas stoves have been more efficient as they have 3 or 4 burners to add more value and to save time. You can easily cook multiple dishes at a time and save time.

Fuel Saving

It goes without saying that advanced gas stoves can save fuel. As discussed earlier, they can heat up the food items quicker than traditional models. This way, they can save fuel and money too. Hence, it is win-win for you to get the most from your gas stoves.

Revamp Your Cooking Style

If you are done with traditional cooking style, you need to try the new and exciting glass top gas stove that has beautiful design. With this new design, you can just revamp your cooking style and you can cook more efficiently.

Automatic/manual Ignition

There are two different ignition options to choose from to save gas in your kitchen – Automatic ignition and manual ignition. Automatic ignition can add cost of your kitchen stove. Manual ignition is very popular in India.

Different Types to Choose from

There are three different materials used in making gas stoves. You can choose from hob top gas stoves, stainless steel gas stoves, and glass top gas stoves. You can pick the designs that can match up with your home interiors. Glass top stoves are used widely in India.

Choosing the Best Gas Stove

According to ignition type, you can either go with automatic ignition or manual ignition. With manual ignition, gas stove should be lighted up manually by lighter or match stick. Auto ignition can get lighted up easily when you turn on the knob.

You need to ensure that there is enough space between the burners for cooking with two utensils, for example, kadai and pressure cooker.

Also check the gas pipe inlet position and find out whether it can be connected from the cylinder. Be sure that knobs are working well and not getting stuck in same position. Be sure to check the burners that can light up well. Gas stove should also be ISI marked and certified.