Why China PCB Assembly Services Developing So Fast? Global SMT & Packaging Southeast Asia

Why China PCB Assembly Services Developing So Fast? Global SMT & Packaging Southeast Asia

Our team of engineers have extensive experience in creating RoHS compliant designs for new layouts and conversions of existing assemblies. A DFX partner (DFM / DFA / DFT – Design for Manufacturability / Assembly / Test) would take the functional prototype and effectively redesign it to a large extent, based on existing components. For PCB fabrication, we can make fast PCB samples within 48 hours if urgent, usually 5-7 business days for normal sample orders; For PCBA prototype, the lead time is 1-2 business weeks (depends on material sourcing).

The components’ leads were then passed through the holes and soldered to the PCB trace. PCB files and Components list are necessary, besides, we also need metal core MCPCB manufacturer PNP (Pick and Place) and Components Position files for production. From electronics component and blank manufactured PCB, there is also PCBA manufacturing to process most of time using SMT and DIP production line, after what firmware has to be loaded into the chipset and final product has to be assembled.

In addition, all three manufacturers are at the right size to engage with startups (i.e. not too big and willing to accept lower MOQ – Minimum Order Quantity). Another fact is that the Chinese campaign has many endorsements from well-known online media personalities It is fairly common in Chinese pre-order campaigns to use such endorsements.

Obvious choices are OSHparkcom (PCB fabrication only), MacroFabcom and PCBng (fabrication and assembly), and SmallBatchAssemblycom (assembly only). Asia Pacific Circuits specialize in mid-volume and high-volume turn-key printed circuit board assembly services.

Walking into the Axis office, you’ll immediately see shelves of PCB test jigs that Jared has created for different projects. Whilst there is no need to ‘panic buy’ you will need to look further out in terms of your demand when talking with your PCB suppliers.