What Does The Application Process For Social Security Disability Look Like?

Each year, thousands of people suffer from a permanent disability issue that reduces the capability to lead a normal life. Such people can face an issue at carrying out routine activities, coping up with peer members, sustaining a strong financial profile etc. This can cause stress and affect the entire family. Well, the world might seem to end amidst all this but you should not lose hope and consider filing for Social security disability benefits by hiring a long term disability lawyer.

Though social security disability can help you offset the financial pressure of meeting necessities like paying off your medical bills, its application is quite a tiresome process. Surprisingly, a majority of the population is unaware of the benefits of applying for social security benefits and they don’t know the procedure also. This is when long term disability lawyers come to the rescue.

What would a social security disability lawyer do to help you obtain disability benefits from social security administration (SSA)?

Preparing the Information

In order to file for social security benefits, the disability lawyer would prepare your documents and gather the information demanded by SSA. Don’t forget to provide him with your own and your family member’s social security number. Moreover, you would also need to present previous year’s W-2 information. In case you were a part of the military, keep the discharge papers for all your periods of duty handy.

Other information required while filling up social security disability report form:

  • General personal information like name, phone number, and address.
  • The contact information of physicians is treating your case.
  • Dates of any treatments undertaken by you.
  • Name of medications you took in past. This must include the prescription provided by doctors who recommended you this medication.
  • Details about your last five jobs and work performed there.
  • Information about the worker’s compensation and insurance claims filed by yours, if any.

Apart from this, a copy of your medical records is also supplied by the disability lawyer with the social security disability application. Though SSA obtains the medical records of each applicant personally, attaching it with the application can fasten the approval process manifolds.

Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits

As soon as the social security disability lawyer has gathered the information, he would start filling the application process. This can be done by visiting the office, over the web or via phone as well.

Luckily, finding a good lawyer isn’t that difficult today. All you need to do is hop online and start looking for experienced lawyers servicing in your area. You can not only search but also review the social security attorney easily online.

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