Traits of A Good Photographer like Radha Singh


What would anyone do if he needs to immortalize or keep a moment stay special in memory? He would just have to take a photograph of it and save it online or perhaps frame it. The photographs are best for remembering special moments and subjects that are otherwise never going to happen again in life.

A picture says a thousand words they say and it is not untrue since, a beautiful snap of a place or a moment would have a story to tell. Today, prime magazines around the world use photojournalism to tell their story. Whether it is a photograph of a third world country’s poverty or portraying the story of the people in a war-affected zone, one would just be enough to pull the heartstrings worldwide.

The power of a good photography is something that international organizations do not undermine and the reason is that the photographer knows his art.

Traits of a good photographer:

A photographer like Radha Singh would have a few prerogatives in mind before clicking a snap. Though in the present times, one can have plenty of photo editing images flooding the internet, but the true lover of photography would know from a glance if an image is raw or not. There are a few unmistakable traits that separate an in-born photographer from one who just takes random snaps. What are these traits?

A true photographer would not have a random good click out of fluke only. He would not waste his camera’s memory and just click a select few good snaps when he spots one. Each of his snap would take time, but would be superb and striking!

A true photographer would try to experiment and imagine a snap long before he even clicks it. He would be imaginative and highly involved in a snap.

A good photographer would be working single-mindedly yon his work in hand and wait for days to get the right moment. In fact, this is one common trait among internationally popular photographers who have gone for wildlife and nature photography. In order to capture a rare natural phenomenon, they waited for hours or even days and weeks, with least care for food or comfort – all for just a snap of it in the way they want it.

Perseverance is one trait that works with Radha Singh NJ based photographer who ensures that she does not rush to take a snap. Yes, these days, cameras have in built features that allow focusing, and taking a snap of things in motion too. But patience and perseverance would be a boon for everyone.

Spotting beauty and subject would be making a photographer special and unique in this world where everyone has a DSLR.

Top photographers these days, who know their subject, and revere their art are the ones who are the most successful. They are also the people who tell stories through their images and when their images cease to just be simple photographs, but become books and valuable reference materials for research and documentation worldwide.

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