The Excitement & Challenges Of Being A Pilot!

Being a pilot is challenging however it is exciting in many ways. Good pilots all have one thing in common- they enjoy the passion for flying. This is the sole thing that actually made them join the profession in the first place. Most pilots leave no stone unturned to join a good flight school to get trained and certified in the art of flying. The thrills of going up into the sky and dominating the skies is indeed amazing say most of them!

Professional with years of invaluable experience

Richard Bucklew is a pilot and flight instructor. He has several years of valuable experience when it comes to flying commercial airplanes. He says that though flying is tremendous fun, once you are up there it is very important for you to remain cool-headed when turbulence strikes. This can be anything and it is crucial for you to be mentally and physically alert. The safety of the passengers are in your hands and you must reassure them that they are getting into a safe flight when they board the plane. Your experience as a pilot counts everyday and with every flight you always learn something new he says.

Bear in mind the highest safety standards

The importance of maintaining the highest safety standards when you are up in the air is vital. He states that every good pilot checks his plane before he takes the flight. He will inspect the interiors and will bring flaws to notice. In short, he has tremendous authority over his flights and he never wastes his time when he needs to make crucial decisions when he is on a flight. A good pilot is confident with his skills and he is proactive. This helps him in a large manner to control the plane and navigate it well through turmoil.

Ric Bucklew says that when he is flying a plane, he never allows fear to overtake him. As he says that when he is flying a commercial plane, he knows that the passengers rely on him. He is the master of the sky and this gives him a tremendous amount of responsibility. He takes pride in the fact that he does not panic when faced with a challenging situation. This is the sole reason why he took up a job as a commercial pilot. He knew he had the grit and the determination to become a successful one. As a pilot, he says that he always respects the rules of aviation and this is the sole reason why he is highly sought after today. He is a flight instructor at an aviation school and says that when it comes to flying, he tells his students to learn from experience and become better with every flight they take. It is important for the pilot to respect the rules of aviation and never forget them.

Richard Bucklew is a mentor and guide to his students. He says that he enjoys flying and teaching aspiring pilots how to become responsible and safe professionals in the sky!



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