The Best Animal Shelter in Minnesota

Jeffery Lupient, CEO and President of Lupient Automotive Group started his career in his family business just after finishing his graduation from Hameline University. He is an excellent sales man and even after being the President of the company he loves to interact with the customers, talk with them listen to their needs. He has been working since the age of 15, which made him acquire a lot of experience and he knows exactly how to keep the clients hooked in. He has the excellent quality of closing a sale.

Jeffery W. Lupient  also has a vast number of efficient employees who love to do the same when it comes to handling the customers while helping them to buy from the vast number of cars of different brands like, Buick, GMC, Infiniti, KIA etc. The main motto of this organization is to focus in the customer satisfaction and also helping them in choosing the right kind of car according to their budget. This company was founded by Jim Lupient. He also was very young when he started working for an automobile dealership just after his father’s death. Jeffery Lupient on the other not only looks into the family business but supports many children charity organizations and pet shelters too, one of them being the Secondhand Hounds.

About the Secondhand Hounds

Second hand Hounds are a non profitable animal shelter and rescue group. It was founded on 2009. The volunteers of this non profit organization have helped a lot of stray and abandoned dogs and cats. The main mission for this shelter is to provide these poor fluffy animals proper medical treatment, a place of shelter and simultaneously to find a family for adoption. It might sound a bit strange and barbaric but there are kill shelters as well, where these poor animals are put to sleep as they have no one to claim them. Good news for those animals is that there is someone who makes sure they live on and live a good life.

Secondhand Hounds do not treat these cats and dogs like animal. They treat them with great care compassion and love. They rescue these animals from the kill shelters just like they rescue the strays. The Secondhand Hounds also encourage owners of such animals who face troubles in providing them to donate these helpless animals to their shelter. They help these animals to their best ability and look for new homes. This shelter also provides dog and cat training programs done by professionals.

The shelter is leaded by Rachel Mairose who is the Executive Director & Founder. Her second in command is Claire Hutcheson who is the Operations Director. Currently there are 3 people in the veterinary department; one who coordinates the appointments another one who looks after the dogs and another who looks after the cats. This shelter is also sponsored and backed up by the Lupient Automotive Group.

This pet shelter takes care of its residents like their own family members. The animals who live here are well cared for through competent doctors, nutritious food and proper training programs. They are all hygienic and well vaccinated. Jeffery Lupient has made sure that his backing helps the shelter in a good way and the animals do not suffer.