Ram Chary –Knowing Wonderful Ways to Shine as a Team Leader

Businesses heads around the world are forever on a single track and that is to win the top position and fame. They would like to get profits at the right time no doubt, but they also understand that the only thing that would work in their favor would be if they get to work with their teams.

Human resource is one of the assets a business has and every entrepreneur knows this. Even if their core business would require least of the interaction with humans and just go about with research or machine-based works, they would still need human resource.

An entrepreneur would actually need employees in teams to increase productivity, and then have team managers to handle it. This kind of work is something that a leader likes Ram Chary , who is the CEO of EVERI Holdings Inc., has come to agree and promote.

He believes just as any other great entrepreneur that it makes great sense to manage teams and lead it successfully. After all, the percentage of success is surely high when it comes to working under good leadership.

Who becomes a team leader? Many entrepreneurs might not need a team leader in their starting days. Soon, when they find that their employees can also do more work and can handle new recruits, and train them, these entrepreneurs might make them team leaders.

Leadership is a tactful artwork and nothing less, since it is what makes the teammates to listen to them. Many team leaders are just professional and might not be empathetic enough to listen out or hear out the team members. Then these team leaders might just lose teammates in this process. This would only cause teams to slag and production might fall. Then, there are many other team leaders, who just go overboard in getting very friendly and lose their position’s seriousness.

Ram Chary and other such senior members in a business might agree to the fact that it has to be a healthy mix of being friendly, but not overfriendly. It is up to the team leaders to draw that line of reserve. They would rather look for ways to show their teammates look up to their team leaders with respect and awe. The team leaders too might try to bring in warmth now and then when the teammates actually make a mark.

The team leader who goes for striking this smooth balance and can go from one zone to another with smooth transition would succeed. This success would not just be for the time being, but become a legacy and leave behind a sweet memory in the minds of all.

Partiality is a trait that many team leaders often exercise and they may have their reasons, but if they are also clear that they appreciate a specific person’s effort for the said reason then it works. With such lessons on leading teams, today, many startup entrepreneurs are rising up fast and building challenging enterprises to shatter the big names in the business.