List of free website builder bootstrap. Where can I make a website for free?

There are two fundamentally different ways to create a website. The first requires the cost of the domain name and hosting, basic knowledge of the server, the basics of site building in the form of an HTML markup language and other related things. The second way is free and makes less critical requirements to the website builder bootstrap – everything is done online in special services, called site designers. The Internet is developing rapidly and such designers are becoming more and more. Their list of descriptions will serve you well if you do not want to invest and decided to use the services of free site builders.

When compiling the list, free site designers from Russia, Ukraine and abroad were covered. Some of them have paid tariffs, but absolutely all give the opportunity to create a free website. There are, of course, various limitations that are described and give you an overview of each specific designer of the proposed list. I note that there are no designers offering a site with a limited number of pages – sooner or later the site will grow and you will need to switch to a paid version.

The number of website builder bootstrap services on the Internet is estimated in dozens – it is quite difficult to cover everything, however, this goal was not raised. If you think that some good designer is missing, then you should just send his address through the contact form without any registration, after which the service will be added to the list. Well, it’s time to start!

Therefore, starting a really serious project, you should think about the advisability of using free designers, and if you decide, then at least you should buy your own domain name, which will remain yours forever.

And further. If you are planning to make money on the Internet through the site, you must remember that many networks – banner, teaser, contextual advertising services and other such resources DO NOT ACCEPT sites located on free sites.

And, of course, we should sum up some results.

I do not like constructors, preferring to make sites on engines or native code. But if it was now necessary to work with the designer, then I would make a choice on the following criteria – the lack of advertising, the ability to save the site on your disk and join your own domain. Free, of course.

If you do not care about the above criteria, and you do not want to “sweat” with the code, then in this case, your path lies with Wix – it’s easier now: for example, you can make a business card site in 5-10 minutes. If advertising does not matter and you need exceptional flexibility of the site, then it will give you Webstilitsa or Yukoz. Gorgeous and very flexible Webnode, not bad Nethouse, it is a pity that there is no preservation in them. And, in general, the choice of a designer is a very important matter. If you are planning a project with several dozen pages, then it makes sense to try a few designers, guided by the above descriptions, than then suffer and move to another designer. Spent half a day is worth it, believe me.

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