How to Use Lucky Patcher when Your Android Device is Rooted?

Without giving a second though, we all love to use amazing and free apps on our smartphones. However, we just hate the annoying ads that pop up every time while playing the games we love and paying for premium apps or buying some important stuff in the game which need real money. Well, it is not suitable for anyone and they are truly annoying and a pain for the users.

Luckily, there is an app named Lucky Patcher that can remove all of these ads. So Lucky Patcher is a great Android tool developed not just to remove ads, but also to backup, modify app permissions, restore apps, bypass license verification, etc. In this Lucky Patcher guide, we will learn how to use it in rooted device. We are going to learn different tricks to try with Lucky Patcher.  First of all, you should root your device and install Lucky Patcher.

Using Custom Patch to Unlock Everything

  • First of all, launch Lucky Patcher and see all the apps installed in it.
  • Click the app you wish to mod, a list which shows a few options
  • Choose “Custom Patch” and apply your desired patch
  • Wait for it to complete and check the app again

Hacking in-app Purchases

  • Launch the App
  • All the installed apps will be listed automatically
  • Click on the app to mod and see the options
  • Choose “Open menu of patches” and it will show a pop-up
  • Choose “Support patch for LVL and InApp emulation” option.
  • It will show a popup with various check boxes
  • Hit first two checkboxes and click Apply
  • Wait for it to complete and open the app with mobile data on
  • Buy anything on the app you like. It will open a Lucky Patcher’s window when you click the buy button
  • Choose another option “Save Purchase” and select Ok
  • Now your free purchase is finished and added to your game

How to Remove Google Ads offline?

  • When you open Lucky Patcher, you will see the list of apps installed in your device
  • Click on the app to mod and it will show a list of options
  • Choose “Open Menu of Patches” and it will show a popup
  • Click “Patch to remove Google Ads”
  • Now choose the check boxes listed here from the menu –
    • Resizing Ads to Null
    • Remove links
    • Offline
    • Corrupt Ads
    • Other
    • Make Offline
    • Remove Limitations
  • Now hit Apply button and wait for the process
  • Check the app and you will see the application patched completely

How to Get Rid of All the Ads from Your Device?

  • Open Lucky Patcher to list all the apps installed
  • Choose “Toolbox” option
  • Now choose the option “Block Ads”
  • Choose “Block Ads on Device” from submenu

Now you know how to use Lucky Patcher successfully on your rooted Android device. You can do a lot more than the tips above with this app.