How Church Communities Are Working To Abolish Malnutrition in Community

Malnutrition and Child death are major curses of underdeveloped and developing countries. It has been established that would-be mothers, lactating women as well as children aged three years or less than that, are mostly vulnerable to affects of malnutrition. It is, on the other hand, research findings and scientific evidences show that children above 3 years become victim of chronic malnutrition.

On the other hand, child deaths are mainly found in newborns whereas the major cause is extreme poverty and malnutrition. For any civilized person society or nation nothing can be more shocking and disgraceful than listening about child mortality. However, it is the hard fact while the good news is that people across the world, charitable institutions, philanthropic establishments and church people have come forward with their best efforts to eradicate the cruel happening of malnutrition in mothers or child deaths.

Many establishments are organizing local camps in different parts of underdeveloped countries in order to make people aware of what is malnutrition; ways to get rid of undernourishments that eventually brings an unstable new life on earth surface. In the midst of the most appreciable churches focused on eliminating the evil effects of chronic malnutrition among children one is of course Westside Family Church . Since its foundation, the highly respected church family and community has been dedicatedly working in different countries like South Africa or Thailand to provide children food and shelter.

As per the views of this church community people that chronic malnutrition affects significantly on growing children in different ways. Basically, they typically don’t gain the normal weight, height as well as nutrition which can help them to fight diseases. Since they don’t gain the richness of brain, they often demonstrate very low IQs that divest them from getting education.

Equipped with a numbers of campuses in Kansas and other places in the country Westside Family Church Lenexa KS  is a major Christian family and church organization which has record numbers of members and volunteers in America and other countries. The community is extremely welcoming to its new members as well as accommodating to old and existing members.

From family persons to big business personalities and college students to kids are members of this church community. The community has been activated with its best means to help children get rid of the evil effects of economical factors, basic needs and spiritual poverty. Among the major parts of the world where people can find Westside community operational is mainly India, South Africa, Thailand and others. It is activated to deal with major community areas which are shockingly poverty-stricken around the world. From orphan care to offering shelters, meals, healthcare and basic education are the main areas that are being cared by the church people.

In addition to the above, the globally esteemed society is caring to lessen and abolish the vulnerability of HIV/ AIDS which is identified as a major social sin and widespread in disadvantaged community people. The church also undertakes different camp sessions for providing health care; bring environmental awareness and child education sponsorship programs.

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